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About the Torrance Cultural Arts Center

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About the Torrance Cultural Arts Center

The Torrance Cultural Arts Center includes the Toyota Meeting Hall, the Torino Festival Plaza, the Ken Miller Assembly Room, the Ken Miller Auditorium, the James R. Armstrong Theatre, the George Nakano Theatre,  the Pine Wind Japanese Garden, the garden rooms, and the Torrance Art Museum. Additionally the Center houses 4 dance studios with sprung hard wood floors, a large ceramics facility, a jewelry making studio, 3 art-making studios, and a music/drama room.  The complex is managed by the City's General Services Department through the Torrance Cultural Arts Center Administrative Offices.

For information about renting out facilities or programs, please contact the Torrance Cultural Arts Center Administrative Offices at (310) 781-7150.

Most classes and all exhibitions and programs at the Torrance Art Museum are offered through the Cultural Services Division, Community Services Department.

For information about classes or the Torrance Art Museum, please contact the Cultural Services Division at (310) 618-2376.